DRAGON STAR® is a Los Angeles based digital media company and a worldwide distributor of future-forward streetwear clothing, footwear and premium alloy accessories. We support featured alternative brands and independent streetwear designers, introducing them to you — futurewear lovers, artists and creators.

Our mission is to produce sci-fi web episodes, starting with the upcoming Curfew™ film, now in production, building the captivating world of the RAIN™ Universe with its many mind-bending story lines, endless mystery and characters, that feel like family each featuring a uniquely curated costume design based on D/S™ collections.

This makes DRAGON STAR®
the official merch of RAIN™ Universe and the best way to support the production of Curfew™🩸

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Founded in Los Angeles during 2020 lockdown, with the Amber Alerts commencing city-wide Curfew and the National Guard patrolling the streets, our brand has absorbed the zeitgeist of the dystopian futuristic world, where the fight for justice is the only way forward.

With that we wanted to see the alternative brands rise to challenge the monopoly of the mainstream labels on the western scene.

So we decided to take on this ambitious goal by gathering a great variety of indie brands & designers on a single easy-to-use platform, sourcing each product from the original vendor and delivering directly to fashion enthusiasts worldwide with the dedicated care of our customer service. Since 2020 we have worked hard to bring this vision to reality.

Fast forward today, D/S™ is a growing futurewear platform with an ever expanding list of global vendors. This is all thanks to loyal customers, our dedicated team and the indie brands and designers we are honored to feature. 
Let us know if you have any questions using online Chat or Email (preferred) and we will get back to you as soon as possible!
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Email: info@dsdrip.com

Phone: 3233861470

Address: 909 West Temple St, #460, Los Angeles, CA 90012